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Capture Culture Project Image
UI Design

Social Design: Capture Culture

In the course "Social Design" with Prof. Constanze Langer and Prof. Dr. Frank Heidmann, the focus is on social design and user-oriented design.

The task is to identify a problem in our living environment and find a solution for it.

After interviews with our target group, we decide on an app that brings culture closer to its users and at the same time motivates them to exercise.

HELINA Project Image
UI Design

Zeitmaschine: HELINA

The course "Time Machine" with Prof. Boris Müller deals with the central component of time and the ways of managing it.

Our goal was to design an interface that allows to investigate any event of the past on social media.

We bring together several platforms and create a space to make comparisons or to enable the origin of a certain piece of information.

UI/UX Design

VIKUS: Slide in Time

"Visualizing Cultural Collections" is the data visualization course led by UCLab staff. Under the guidance of Mark-Jan Bludau and Viktoria Brüggemann, collections are presented in an interface.

Our interdisciplinary team of four has taken on the slide collection of Peter Feist and collaborated in this context with Dr. Schelbert from HU Berlin.

The result is a website that allows both free exploration and targeted searching for individual slides.

Biking Club Berlin Image

MCS: Animationsfilm

In this free project, an animated short video is created to facilitate the safety briefing for the motorcycle club Berlin-Spandau.

For this, the instructions are illustrated in Adobe After Effects and supported with animations.

Since this project is expected to be finished in summer, there is no result to see on the project page yet.

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