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E-Learning-Team Social Work
University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

In order to be able to offer particularly personal support, the e-learning team of Department 1 relies on individual consultations with lecturers and thus creates closer cooperation.

At the moment, together with a colleague, I am in charge of the mail support and create individual graphics to visually enhance online courses of the lecturers.

Central Facility for digital Teaching
University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

As an important interface during the Corona pandemic, the Central Institution for Digital Teaching provided fundamental support for teachers in the transition to the online semester.

My work for ZEDI includes, for example, mail support, individual graphics work, video tutorials for teachers and maintenance of the TYPO3 website.

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Interface Design
University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

More and more, machines are taking part in our everyday lives and helping us with important tasks. This makes it all the more important to design the communication between humans and computers.

In addition to the extensive workshops at the UAS, I'm excited about the diversity of interface design. Whether I design on the web, on iPhones or for virtual reality is up to me.

Holiday Work
Festo SE & Co. KG

As an industry leader in automation technology, the Festo Group employs around 20,100 people worldwide.

My area of responsibility in this company was in logistics, where I ensured that business customers received their deliveries as quickly and safely as possible. This includes the simple handling of machines, as well as the independent logistical processing of delivered goods.

DFG Logo representation
German-French Highschool

While a broad promotion of the students is made possible at the German-French Gymnasium Saarbrücken, the focus is clearly on bilingual teaching.

In June 2017, I successfully completed my Abitur at the DFG without repeating any exams and thus obtained my university entrance qualification.